Symbiose-Technologies - Intelligent-liquid-management

Rainwater collecting plants
Design, engineering, manufacturing and installation
Innovative solutions for:
- Mining companies
- isolated villages
- Industries
Movable and web managed fire protection
Isolated fire reservoirs with GPRS volume controller
Real time fleet managment on remote access
Movable liquid storage solutions up to 10.000m3
Clean water, water towers
Industrial waste water, acids, alcaline liquids
Organic waste water
Pick up transportable wastewater treatment plants
assisted kit solutions up to 750 m3 / day
delivery within 7 days
or in Europe within 3 days
The movable, transportable and re-usable liquid storage solutions specialist
From 2003, SYMBIOSE TECHNOLOGIES invents, develops, manufactures, supplies easy and efficient liquid management solutions. Our best proof are our patents and all our references. 
We are recognized for our tips and a reactivity without equivalent, in France and all over the world.
With or three ranges (OPTIMUM, BUSINESS CLASS, FIRST CLASS), every client can be served according exactly to its needs.
Best reactivity Every tank is manufactured in time from a stock that corresponds to 100 tanks. We have also 150 tanks from 1.000 to 400.000 litres ready to be shipped immediatly. 
Our mobile and dynamic staff is also ready to operate all over the world.

Organized to serve our customer, we are very proud to be the only company able to install more than ONE MILLION LITRES TANK the week after, anywhere in the world.

Recognized expert
Customer problems are allways our challenges. It's the reason why we have developped and regularly patented new ranges (rainwater collectors VERTIMAX® and EKLUZ®, giant tanks EUROTANK®, the process that can move pillow tanks MOBITANK®, the rainwater simulator PLUVIOMETRIX®). We also already work on future great solutions...
Every work is realised to reduce environmental stress, and increase industrial performances.

Did you know ? SYMBIOSE tanks have been chosen to protect the French presidential plane.

Everywhere near your needs
We want to be sure that every project is done correctly. It's the reason why SYMBIOSE TECHNOLOGIES is totaly at the service of its partners. Our speciality is the liquid management solutions, so our job is to complete the nerwork range with liquid specialities.
In that way, we are organized to train our foreign partners, and to use primarily local goods.
All our systems can be installed by our partner's staff, and helped by SYMBIOSE PRESTATIONS, our subsidiary specialized in the implementation.
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